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Image by Robin Spielmann


The plants have a way of finding us.
Their emergence into geological landscapes, predates human existence.
Their presence has and continues to support those who walk in respect with the natural world.
Our ancestors once lived in harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles of the nature because they knew that we were not separate.
Although many have forgotten this connection, the threads of belonging are still very much alive within many cultures world wide.
Can you still hear the song of the natural world?

The plant kingdom is a living, breathing intelligence encompassing the ability to communicate through cellular networks and chemical compounds.
Indigenous cultures have known of this animistic presence that plants imbue and so, every thing in nature is alive and has its own Spirit.

Through science we have a greater understanding of the way plants interact and respond to various environments. When spirituality meets science, there is a tangible thread of connection.
When we build a connection to the natural world through respect, deep listening and observation, we come into the place of heart and spirit. It is from this grounded space we open the channels of communication to the natural world.



1.5 HOURS $300

Image by Alex Rybin

Plant Spirit Reading- Via distance
In a private and sacred setting

90 minutes $300

Through a personal ceremony, a sacred space is created by which the plants have an opportunity to connect and share their wisdom.
It is with a grounded approach, I access information offered by the plants to support and assist you on your healing path.
The aim is to support you to develop a deeper connection to the natural world and through this process you come to know yourself from a heart based perspective.

When we open our minds with a gentle curiosity to the intelligence of the plants, this begins a journey which I believe can lead us to a place of wholeness and positive transformation as you come back home to yourself and home to nature.



* An Earth based distance healing through which specific plants will come forward to support you.
Once your booking has been made at the preferred time and payment has been received, I will commence your session.

* An indepth report roughly 8-10 pages entailing the plants, spiritual and emotional properties and how they wish to support you personally.

* I work with variations of:
x3 flower essences
x3-5 Plants/Trees There may be occasions where more than this wish to come through.

* You will also receive a personal loose smoke medicine incense blend to support you moving forward.
By burning your incense, this may further support you in healing and connecting to the plant realms.

* This will be sent to you via Australia post or pick up from my space( Postage is already included )

* A full report will be sent to you within 2 weeks of the the reading session via email.

* You will also have access/connection to my network of professionals should you need any futher assistance for emotional and mental health.

* Payment arrangements are available, please email me directly at BLOOM@LULANIMOON.COM to discuss your options.


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2 HOURS $220

White Flowers

Sacred Grove: Plant Spirit Session- In person

2 hours $220

The Sacred Grove Plant spirit session takes place with the nurturing space of Lulani Moon Therapies.

Your journey with the plants begins as you arrive with a carefully prepared
personal aromatic incense blend.


A flower essence reading is offered as we explore the subtle yet profound
assistance these vibrational remedies may offer.

To support the work of the selected flower essences, an Earth Based Reiki
session is conducted offering you a space of deep stillness, awakening or
strengthening the thread of connection to the natural world.



* A welcome aromatic medicine body smoking

* A flower essence reading


* Selected fresh herbs brushed over the body to clear energy pathways

* An earth based reiki healing

* A flower essence remedy to take home

* A refreshing herbal tea & de brief

Imagine.... A bloom, opening to the rise of the dawn and absorbing the first
The sounds of bird song as they acknowledge the sun permeating the
Now, the bloom has expanded, soft on the edges ready to meet with the busy
pollinators of the day.
Markers of time
Observers of the wind
Collectors of sky waters
Conduits to the emotional and spiritu'a self.
Throughout my work as an animistic Reiki Practitioner, I turn to the guidance of
flower essences regularly.
I have found them to be most profound.
They are the bridge to understanding & shifting our perception in a way that
makes way for clarity, healing & peace within.
Of course, like any healing we embark on, flower essences can also be deeply
confronting, showing us the shadows within.
“ At its core, flower essence therapy is a relationship between humans and
plants, a relationship that reflects our innate knowledge of the unity of all of
“Flower essences 're one of the ways that Nature reaches out her
sensual hand to us, offering the way back to ourselves. The seeking of this
medicine becomes the remembering of the truth of the unity of all life. This
precipitates the deepest and truest healing, in which our own healing is
inseparable from the world's healing.”

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