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I love what I do with my whole heart.... & that is holding space for people to come to a place of deep rest. .
It is in this space of stillness, that healing has an opportunity to weave it's way to the parts of ourselves that need it the most, be it the physical or emotional aspects of self. .
I have come to know myself as a Ceremonial Beauty Therapist.. an amalgamation of my learnings through out the years. A service that brings us closer to the natural elements.
I have worked in salons, fancy hotels and 5 star resorts.. after being in the industry for 19 years, I have seen many changes and I question what it is to be a "Beauty Therapist".. what I offer is not mainstream, nor is it special in any way.. but it comes from the heart. It comes from Spirit.. and with a mission to align with the gifts and essence of nature. .
My path is to support others to hear the song that echos within them.. to see the gifts that the land has to offer and that everyone of us has equal opportunity to be a light.. to build a relationship with the animals, the plants and the Spirit within and without. .
To have a herbal facial, is to really feel the activates your skin's senses to awaken a deeper connection & it is the gentle and essential act of self care. .



Lulani Moon was created by Carmen in 2012 in beautiful Adelaide and has now relocated to Melbourne, in Lower Templestowe.


Carmen has worked in the health and beauty industry for the past 19 years offering a holistic and down to earth approach to her practices. Sourcing local and ethical products is an integral part of the service that Carmen provides, where she listens to your needs without the use of chemicals and harsh ingredients.

A qualified Horticulturist with a passion for herbal wellness, Carmen weaves this knowledge through out her services & offers workshops to explore connections to the plant world.


By harnessing a holistic approach to Beauty Therapy, she aims to welcome each person as a unique individual with their own unique story, creating a space of comfort, relaxation and harmony.


Through the ancient wisdom of herbs, each treatment is carefully prepared to support your needs. Flower Essences & herbal incense may be offered to assist with inner tranquility, emotional balance & to connect you to the natural elements.


For those who seek a nurturing space of stillness within, Reiki healings & intuitive massage can be received.


With a love & respect for the land, flora & fauna, Lulani Moon holds the highest point of heaven in every treatment.

So....Take your shoes off, breathe in the earth soaked aromas and become the deep rest you deserve....

The Bones


     The highest point of Heaven

Beauty Therapist | Horticulturist | Reiki Practitioner | Incense Crafter | Tree Lover

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