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  Facial Therapy

All Facial treatments are carefully prepared to provide your skin with exactly what it needs. Products offered in all Facial treatments are organic, raw and based on Ayurvedic traditions or focused on biodynamic principals harnessing the molecular vibrations of medicinal herbs.

The intention is to work in a way that respectfully gathers the ancient knowledge held in herbs, flowers and natural elements delivering potent healing properties to your skin.

I choose to work with products of the highest integrity & quality and offer treatments for those that require Vegan facials or for those who seek products that are rhythmically linked with the cycles of nature.


Flower Essences may be offered at the begining of each treatment whereby 7 drops are placed under the tongue to assist you in finding a quite space within to support your emotional well being.

     Willow Myrtle

Normal skin 60mins $80

Harmonise and re-hydrate your skin with nutrient packed ingredients, essential fatty acids & a floral infused clay mask specifically blended for your skin.. Restorative oils & organic properties will penetrate the deeper layers of your skin creating an external radiance.

     Clay Wattle

Problem skin/Acne 75mins $90

A treatment focused facial where an infusion of medicinal herbs will be compressed into the skin to soothe inflammation. During this time a skin care plan will be offered to treat & heal the issue. A holistic approach that offers support internally and externally.

   Native Hibiscus

Combination/oily skin 60mins $90

Purify & decongest your skin. Combining the cleansing properties of oatmeal & the antiseptic properties of neem. A re balancing clay mask & a detoxifying hibiscus tea, work in harmony to smooth and clear your complexion, creating skin clarity.

  Mountain Banksia

Mature skin 90mins $150

A floral infused foot soak begins this 90 minute treatment. Potent antioxidants support the skin's natural regenerative functions, helping to firm mature skin & to minimise the appearance of fine lines. The healing powers of Red Clover, Quince & Raspberry seed oil, firms & encourages the skin's natural process of renewal. A luxurious treatment to rejuvenate and to aid in repairing.

  Kakadu Plum

Dehydrated/mature/tired skin 75mins $135

A concoction of nourishing ingredients to repair and rejuvenate the skin. A powerful potion from the ancient wisdom of Kakadu Plum delivering the highest concentration of vitamin c to create luminosity.

    Wild Rosella

Sensitive skin 75mins $90

A nourishing treatment to soothe & calm your skin with the healing properties of Anthyllis & Rose. This treatment aims to support the needs of your skin by forming a protective barrier to restore balance and to provide relief from irritation. A treatment plan will be offered at the end of your session to assist with your healing.

  The Boab

The holistic Facial 120mins $170

A flower essence journey to awaken the senses and to connect within. The Boab welcomes you with a herbal smudging to clear your energy field & a warming flora foot bath to bring you into a state of peace. A relaxing back massage is given to balance the elements and to create a pathway for you to completely surrender. A blend of organic, raw goodness and heavenly aromas makes this the perfect potion to honour your space.

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