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White Grass


Massage is a wonderful way to nurture your spirit and to nourish tired aching muscles. It helps to gently rid the body of toxins and aids in stimulating the lymphatic system. At Lulani Moon, all massage is relaxation based using an intuitive method. Aromatherapy oils may be blended to assist you with finding a deeper space of tranquility. Flower Essences may also be offered to work on the emotional aspects of your being.

 Earth Flower

30mins $55.00

Unwind and allow the days worries to slip away. A massage focused on the back, neck and shoulders, concluded with facial shiatsu pressure point massage.

Water Flower

30mins $45.00

An ancient practice to stimulate the scalp, open the third eye and to relieve headaches and eye strain. A beautiful experience whilst your feet are soaking in a flower petal infused bath.

Wild Flower

60mins $85.00

A one hour full body aromatherapy massage with a potion of bush flower essences to completely relax and revive the body and spirit.

 Fire Flower

90mins $125.00

A journey for the senses on all levels. Working with vibrational essences and crystals to aid in balancing the energy centres within the body. Perfect for those seeking a deeper inner harmony and some soul nourishment.

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